Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What I Like About Joe Nussbaum

Amanda Bynes is coming! Amanda Bynes is coming!

Apparently unaware of Orlando's skyrocketing murder rates, to say nothing of this pesky auto-theft business, Morgan Creek will arrive in The City Beautiful in February to roll film on a new Amanda Bynes vehicle, reports Variety. Helming the picture will be Joe Nussbaum of direct-to-video American Pie 5: the Naked Mile fame (Amazon sales rank #540 in DVD), though his fans love him best for his brilliant 1999 short film, "George Lucas in Love."

Anyone who has followed my blog for several years (hi, Mom) will recall that I have had a long-standing crush on Amanda Bynes, who has been hailed by critics as the Lucille Ball of her generation. Unfortunately, production begins on February 12, the day before I depart on a cruise to Mexico, so there's no way I could even get a PA job on this shoot. That marks the second potentially life altering event that this cruise has cost me, the first being Billy Joel at the Amway Arena. My only hope is that somebody I know will be invited to the wrap party.

In other news, the Sentinel reminds us this morning that people in Orlando will continue to die violent deaths throughout 2007, some plucky chap has been kind enough to share via the internets these candid photos of my other crush Jessica Alba playing football in a bikini, and this important arts-and-crafts auction will benefit the family of James Kim, the CNET editor who died tragically in the Oregon wilderness late last year. Go there now and buy me the adorable stuffed donkey.

And now, for my Pictures of the Day. That's right, today I couldn't pick just one, so here, instead, are three. I call them, "Experiments with Gobot and JouJou" 1 & 2, and "Textures." I took these while playing with my dog Gobot and my bird JouJou last night.

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  1. that donkey is fabulous. i love her expression