Thursday, January 04, 2007

Locations, Locations, Locations

Less than ten minutes after posting my last blog, Orlando's best location manager, a swell Florida gentleman by the name of John Garrett, called me up to offer me the Assistant Location Manager position on Sydney White and the Seven Dorks. That's right, not only could I have gotten a PA position on the new Amanda Bynes film, I could have been an assistant key. The job would have more than doubled our income for the length of the shoot and gotten me the best feature film credit of my career. Unfortunately, I had to turn the job down. Even forgetting the cruise, my school schedule would never allow me to take on a full-time job of that responsibility level. But you know, grad school's important (I hate grad school).

I'm lazy and not feeling well, so today's Picture of the Day is a bit of a cheat. I call it "iSight Love."
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