Monday, April 11, 2005

Ivy Film Festival/Florida Film Festival, and other news

So naturally, when I received the email from Ivy Film Festival notifying me that my screenplay had reached the final judging round, I assumed they were referring to INDIAN RIVER ORANGES. It was only after I had already sent out materials to other competitions referencing this achievement that I remembered I had also submitted my next short script, "Melissa With A Heart Around It." So I sent them an email to ask them which script was in the running.

Here's their response:

Andrew -

Thats really exciting about Naked-- congratulations!
Melissa With A Heart Around It is the finalist. Indian River Oranges, though good and well liked didn't make it into the top 10 features. (It was close however.)

We will let you know the results of the competition next week. Its a shame that you'll miss the festival but have fun in Florida.


In reality, a win for "Melissa With A Heart Around It" would pack a more practical benefit. After all, I have to pitch for a $15,000 grant in the fall, and it would certainly help to go in with an award-winning script. I'm dying to shoot this sucker on Super 16, and I don't think I can without the backing. I'm all outta dough, myself.

On the Florida front, I haven't had the time to spend the time I should at the festival. I'm bogged down with work now. The good news is, Florida Shorts has sold out, so we'll be playing to a packed house. I'm dreading the question answer session: "So why the nudity?"

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