Monday, March 21, 2005

Press Blitz On The Way For "NAKED"

I'm happy to report that in the past two weeks, I've been approached by five different media outlets about coverage for the festival premier of "NAKED" as well as Candle Fish Pictures' production in general: the East Orlando Sun (weekly paper), Florida Today (daily paper), St. Augustine Record (daily paper), UCF Metro (college PBS news show), and a new student magazine being launched at UCF whose name I don't know yet have each either requested an interview or conducted one already. I'm hoping they'll all follow through with their initial contacts. UCF Metro actually came out to the "On Being Your Average Joe" set as part of a larger story on UCF film production in general, so they got some good footage of Ryan in action. Unfortunately, he was too busy to be interviewed, which is too bad, because that would have been great advance coverage for his film. Anyway, keep an eye out for those stories as the festival approaches.

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