Thursday, April 21, 2005

GARGOYLE: proof that the press release makes the man

If you've had a chance to read the new Gargoyle write-up on the web site, you may have notice it was a particularly glowing profile. That's because I wrote it.

Yep, folks, it's time to learn a valuable PR lesson: the perfect press release writes the story for you.

My first job as an intern at the newspaper was to sort through the dozens of press releases we received each day, pull the interesting ones, rearrange the paragraphs to fit the interests of our paper, change the tenses, slap "FROM STAFF" on the top, and email it to Layout.

People keep asking me how I managed to get so much press coverage, and the answer is simple: I know what makes a good press release because I used to throw out the bad ones for a living.

Anyway, it is a great write-up, though embarrassing in the sense that it is almost entirely in my own words. But hey, it's our secret, right?

If you need to write a press release, go to the STREAMS TO OTHER PONDS page. I have a link there to a great press release template that I use.

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