Sunday, April 24, 2005


Well, the notification date has come and gone for Jacksonville, and still no word. I'm assuming they've decided not to program "Naked," which is awfully disappointing considering the amount of press I could have generated for them in advance of the festival.

Rich Grula called me the King of Media the other day, and he's got a point. Coming from the newspaper background has really helped me with PR. All the papers I've gotten coverage from so far would have done follow-ups for Jacksonville, which would have been great for them since most of the state doesn't even know the Jacksonville Film Festival exists. But ah well. Who knows. Maybe I did get in, and they're just behind schedule. I doubt it though.

So Jacksonville was the last of my sniper strategy fests. Now I'm going machine gun. No more picking one here and picking one there. From here on out, I'm sending to just about any fest that comes up. Let's hope it works.

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