Thursday, February 03, 2005

Regrettable Admission

I've discovered recently that I'm surprisingly susceptible to scams. Since December I have made at least two embarrassing purchases from which I will never ever benefit. The first was one of those Lesko free money books (the free money listed in there is pretty much for old people, sick people, or people more culturally unique than I). The second purchase was a membership in a "secret shopper" association. The way it sounded was I spend $40, and they give you a list of companies looking for secret shoppers. I figured, great, a way for Angelyn and I to make some money on the side. Well, technically, they gave me what I paid for, except instead of a list like "McDonalds, Best Buy, Victoria's Secret," I got a list like "The Donaldson Group, Thighman & Morgan Enterprises, TDL U.S.A., etc.," and instead of telling me which of these 400 companies needed secret shoppers, I was supposed to send an application and a resume to each company and wait for them to contact me.

Anyway, I was feeling embarrassed about those two financial blunders, perhaps because my $150 washing machine just died after only 8 months of use. I'm not sure. I hate money. Wish I had more of it.

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