Sunday, January 30, 2005

Production Journal: "LOVE IS DEAF" -- Entry 1

Trying something new here. Slipped between my usual random blatherings, I am going to keep a specific journal on this film's progress from script to final cut. I will do the same for Ryan's film.

Production Journal: "LOVE IS DEAF" -- Entry 1

So I've finally gotten the new script to a place where I think I'm beginning to enjoy it. However, the idea of making this thing happen more than overwhelms my filmmaking ego. The problems ahead are legion:

1. Shooting on the beach at night. (a) How many lights will we need? (b) Will we need to rent extra lights in addition to what the school provides? (c) Where will the generator go and will the cables be able to reach? (d) What beach will I shoot at?

2. Casting. (a) Can I find an actress on such short notice? (b) Can she learn sign language well enough to convince the audience?

3. Sound. (a) How will I handle sound in post? (b) Do I do ADR? (c) Will I get anything halfway decent from production track, or will I have to make it all up later on?

This is all particularly frightening when you consider I may have only two weeks before I have to shoot. We're being assigned our shooting dates, and numerous factors will weigh in. I really don't know where I'll fall on the schedule.

I have my translator. Her name's Maleigha, and she works in the equipment room at school. By chance I noticed her practicing sign language one day, so I asked her if she'd help me. I even asked if she'd be interested in auditioning. She's cute as a button and very much looks the part, but she doesn't have any experience. She was too nervous, I think, to actually accept the invitation to audition, though I sensed she might almost have been curious. Still, I am as wary as anyone about taking any more risks with this production. Would I really want to work with a first time actress in the midst of all these other gambles? On the other hand, a semi-experienced actress faking her way through sign language could prove worse. Maybe I'll just give Maleigha a chance to look at the script and try her again.

The other actress I had hoped to use sort of bailed. Not sure what was up there. Got a strange vibe, but maybe I'm misreading.

Oh, and a last note. I rewrote the script today hoping to cut it down a page. Instead, I managed to add a half page.

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