Friday, January 28, 2005

"INSTA-LIFE" Shaping Up Nicely; INDIAN RIVER ORANGES Complimented By SLAMDANCE Insider

So I finally saw a rough-cut of "INSTA-LIFE," and I'm very excited by what I'm seeing. Erin did a great job directing and has done a great job editing. There are still a couple of places that need ironing out, but overall, it cut together much better than I thought it would (based on the early dailies I saw) and looks well on its way to becoming a very successful short. I'm very proud of Erin and proud to have been a part of making this film.

On another note, a friend of mine and a SLAMDANCE insider called me last night to tell me she had read the winning script of SLAMDANCE's scriptwriting competition and that it didn't hold a candle to my feature script INDIAN RIVER ORANGES. That's encouraging since I'm going to submit to SLAMDANCE later this year.

And as a final thought, my friend Adam found on the web a complete replica of my STREAMS TO OTHER PONDS resource. Unfortunately, he didn't write down the URL, but I find it seriously amusing that someone would pirate a links page. Why copy and paste the entire thing? Why not just link to it? The fact is, in many ways, STREAMS TO OTHER PONDS is copied from hundreds of other similar resources. That, after all, is the nature of the internet. Everything overlaps. I try to dedicate a little time each week to search for useful websites, and one site leads to another leads to another. Eventually I find something useful and add it. Sometimes, I find lots of useful links on one site and just link to the one main site. I have never, however, simply copied all the links from a single site. It's the whole primary vs. secondary resource thing. I dunno. Just strikes me as poor form, but whatever.

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