Thursday, February 03, 2005

INDIAN RIVER ORANGES makes it to the Semis; SXSW says, uhhhhhh ... No!

Within a matter of minutes, I received word both that ALL ACCESS has pushed IRO through to the next round of judging and that SXSW rejected "NAKED." Guess you win some and lose some.

SXSW really isn't a big disappointment. Getting in there is almost (if not quite) like getting into Sundance. It would be almost immoral for me to get in on my first try. However, I should be hearing from a couple of other festivals in the next few days, and if they all turn me down, I'll not only be disappointed but at least a little surprised. I've thought my odds were pretty good.

On the screenplay front, I'm very excited about this news. I'm now down to only 15 competitors. The 8 finalists will be announce February 15, and even if I don't make it to the next round, I think that I've made it this far bodes well for the other UMPTEEN contests I've already entered. This script might actually get me somewhere.

It is strange to think that INDIAN RIVER ORANGES has been a part of my life now for almost four years. I first attempted to start writing it in the summer of 2001, gave up, then returned to it the following summer, completing it in just 40 days. Since then I've workshopped it, done live readings, had it critiqued by professional writers and producers, and it just keeps improving. Sometimes I get sick of it, but I'm still in love with the characters and really hope I get a chance to bring them to life in the near future. The big question for me has been, if offered the money, would I sell it? And honestly, I'm not sure. The idea of someone else directing this thing I've lived with for so long really frightens me, but if it meant a lot of money and a foot in the door as an established screenwriter, I'd have to consider it. It would certainly be mean more security than producing it as an indie. Well, one step at a time. I suppose I should wait to worry about that until someone actually offers to write a check, and that may never happen.

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