Wednesday, June 06, 2007

RIP: The Human Scientific Age, b. 1543 d. 100,000,002,007

When Copernicus published De revolutionibus orbium coelestium, he gave birth to the human scientific age, one that has slowly pushed prophesy and superstition to the fringes our relationship with the cosmos (not counting Bush's NASA appointees, of course). However, according to this mind-blowing New York Times article, the human species (nay, the Milky Way) has been lucky enough to evolve in a sweet spot of space-time that will end 100 billion years from now, dooming future civilizations to a much bleaker age of ignorance than even we have witnessed. The universe is about to go dark in a really big way.


  1. Yeah, but by then, we'll all be balls of light.... or monkey fish or some shit.

  2. Do you think it helps me sleep at night to think that one day the whole world will be endless unconsciousness? What if there were magnificent amazing beautiful civilizations before us that have long since disappeared into nothing? I don't want to have these thoughts!