Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Creative Lethargy

Whenever it is time for me to sit down and work on my current feature script, it is like my mind and body shut down. It isn't for a lack of passion or inspiration. It's something else. Burnout, perhaps? Ooh, the mail lady just walked up.

Editor's Note: "Ooh" for some reason does not capture the spirit of the word. I think it is the Big O.


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  2. Well meaning as Rod may be, I can't see how a link to a psychic reading site can help you understand your writers' block.

    Something I do whenever I look at a deskful of story and character notes and reach a zenith of total blankness is to just start writing something... anything that pops into my mind. I don't constrain it to the story I intended to write, and I all but loosely follow a plot. I just allow a character or several characters to present themselves and start portraying their interaction in an environment that comes into my mind.

    If you've ever heard about "automatic writing", I'd say its similar to that. I keep writing until the characters don't want to say any more.

    Then I'll attempt to do it again either with the same characters or whomever else presents themselves. I let them do the writing-- I just interpret.

    Sometimes the material is usable for something professional. Often, the diversion is enough to allow my mind to focus on the dream script again.

    Help this helps. Good luck tomorrow and enjoy the town while you're up there!