Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Production Journal: "LOVE IS DEAF" -- Entry 5

Kill me now. I've lost my wonderful lead actress, Michelle Wargo, to another production, forcing me to recast. I've gotten a few submissions, but I'm not sure I'm seeing the right look. I found a headshot of one girl who looks perfect, and her resume lists "fluent in American Sign Language," but her email isn't up to date, so I have no way to reach her. I also had the stomach flu this weekend. I won't describe that in any more detail.

Locations-wise, the all-night diner I had planned to use for bathrooms and free coffee isn't all-night anymore, and the City of Indialantic wants me to pay $500 for off-duty cops on my set, which is a complete waste of money. To make things worse, I remembered today this other film idea I had a ways back that would have been perfect for directing 3, and fairly easy to produce compared to this. More about that later.

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