Friday, February 18, 2005

INDIAN RIVER ORANGES earns an Honorable Mention in the Carolina Film & Video Festival; and other random jottings

So after my rant about Carolina, they go and give me an "Honorable Mention" which I guess means "tied for third place" since there were three of us behind the first and second place winners. It's disappointing. It makes me feel like I need to start all over.

I mentioned yesterday that I had just remembered an old short film idea I'd had a long time ago. It would have been perfect for Directing 3, but I'm thinking very seriously about putting it together as a summer project. Normally I wouldn't consider doing a summer project. For starters, Rich won't give us access to school equipment, including editing rooms. But in this case, I don't think that would pose a serious problem.

I had originally conceived the project as a potential submission film for my UCF application portfolio. At the time I had envisioned it as this very high production value glossy project that would simply take too much work and money. Now, however, I think I could get a lot of mileage out of 8mm film and a few hundred bucks for props and wardrobe.

My only real dilemma is this: do I do a summer film or do I do an internship? It's a tough call. There are a couple of good internship opportunities open right now that would be great for making contacts with local filmmaker types. But having an extra film on my reel wouldn't hurt either, and this particular project is one of the most original ideas I've ever had.

Much to consider....

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