Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Candle Fish Pictures Launches STREAMS

Since our first day on the web, the STREAMS TO OTHER PONDS page on our site has connected visitors with various other websites. While working at the Downtown Media Arts Center (bastards), I had an idea. Inexperienced filmmakers are always looking for information -- what if they found everything they were looking for in one place? I suggested an all-in-one cyberstop to the people at D.MAC and received the usual lip service (one day I will offer my full, tell-all rant on D.MAC, but at the moment I prefer not to decimate my bridges). So I set out to make my humble links page just such a resource. And to make sure everyone can remember how to get there quickly, I've given it its own subdomain. Now, by typing STREAMS.CANDLEFISHPICTURES.COM, you can quickly find the information you're looking for. Disclaimer: I'm still building the page. I've collected dozens of links I've yet to upload to the site. They're coming soon, though. Also, I hope to eventually add a message board and possibly even a chat room to further aid the seeking filmmaker. And finally, by the end of next summer, I hope to have completed my eBook on location management for the indie filmmaker, and I will provide that on my site as a free PDF download as well. Lots of exciting stuff coming your way.

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