Thursday, December 23, 2004

Bad News For "MELISSA...."

Nothing official yet, but it seems very likely that "Melissa With A Heart Around It" may be postponed to Fall 2005. As this project will be a student film, it must fit the parameters as set by the department, and the latest news is that this semester we will not be allowed to make films over seven minutes in length. There will be other parameters as well, still unknown to me, which means writing a replacement script for the spring will be impossible until mid January will all the requirements are made explicit.

I've been eating, sleeping, and breathing "Melissa With A Heart Around It" for about two weeks now, and I was really looking forward to making this film in very near future. I've even been in talks with a couple of potential actors that I was really looking forward to auditioning. Well, in fact, I am not going to cancel auditions, especially since I don't know for certain what will happen with this project or any possible replacement. My hope is that, should I be required to postpone "Melissa..." to the fall, I will come up with a very short and inexpensive project for which I might be able to even use some of the same actors.

This is all very frustrating, as I've been in some doubt as to whether I'd even be directing a capstone (senior thesis film) in the fall, mainly due to a lack of funds. I have been leaning toward doing "Melissa..." now, then producing a number of films in the fall, and using that body of work to raise money to bring INDIAN RIVER ORANGES to life, particularly because INDIAN RIVER ORANGES and "Melissa..." deal with similar themes and characters.

Well, no use crying about it. I guess it is time to just be patient and see what happens in the coming semester and busy myself with my second feature script, tentatively titled THE SUN IS UP.

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