Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two old guys with very different takes on gay marriage.

Pat Robertson is once again turning bigotry into an art form with the video below. "I don't really believe homosexuals want to get married," he says, they just want to destroy everything that impedes "their particular way of having sex."

Whether one believes gays deserve marriage equality or not, it is simply hateful to question their motives. Even if you believe gay marriage will destroy heterosexual unions (as absurdly irrational as that may be), it does not follow that the destruction of hetero marriage is the goal of the gay rights campaign. Can we at least be humane enough to assume that the group we're discriminating against wants exactly what they say they want?

To those ends, I found the video below at Current. In it an 86-year-old Republican WWII vet asks, what did he fight for if not equality for all? Very moving.

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