Wednesday, October 14, 2009

InterVarsity to publish pro-evolution book.

I really enjoyed this article from Inside Higher Ed that covers what the folks at the BioLogos Foundation are doing to fight back against Kirk Cameron's anti-Darwin campus hit squads. Cameron, if you haven't heard, is visiting secular colleges to give away a "special edition" of Origin of the Species, complete with an introduction that smears Darwin and uses pseudoscience to dismiss the impact of Darwin's discoveries. The folks BioLogos, meanwhile, are creating a series of pro-Darwinian workshops and science curricula for Christian colleges.

Most interesting to me was that BioLogos has signed a publishing deal for its defense of Darwin books with InterVarsity Press, a move that is sure to give critics pause. There are few organizations with better "Christian" credentials than IV. If they're willing to explore an alternate view of the science/faith debate, perhaps others will open their ears as well.

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