Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Brigitte (Megan Fox, Eat Your Heart Out)

At around the age of 13, I discovered Brigitte Bardot while listening to a song about suicide. In "I Think I'm Going To Kill Myself," from Elton John's 1972 masterwork Honky Chateau, Bernie Taupin writes:
I'd make an exception
If you want to save my life
Brigitte Bardot gotta come
And see me every night
As a young pubescent boy with a melancholy view of life, I wondered what sort of creature alone had the power to keep Taupin from offing himself with a .44. Fortunately, this was right around the time we got our first dial-up modem, so I (slowly) looked her up. That's right, Brigitte Bardot was the first girl I googled (except Google wasn't around yet).

More than a decade passed before I first saw Brigitte in action on the silver screen, but she did not disappoint. Sure, she's a crazy racist, but she didn't rape any minors (unlike certain other cinema icons in the news) -- so let's wish her a happy 75th birthday, anyway! After all, we'll be talking about Brigitte Bardot long after flavor-of-the-month Megan Fox is remembered merely as "that floozy leaning over the hood in Transformers."

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