Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Giant Rattlesnakes Invade St. Augustine, FL! Be afraid!

I'm going to have nightmares about this tonight. A trapper caught and killed what looks to have been a record breaking Eastern Diamondback in an upscale housing development. We'll never know for sure the exactly how large the snake was, since the trapper drove off with it and police don't know the trapper's name.

There are numerous things wrong with this story:
  1. Rattlesnakes are NOT allowed to get this big. That thing could swallow me whole and look more like the monster pythons invading our state than a rattler. Clearly, that snake made a deal with the devil.
  2. What kind of idiot redneck cops don't measure a beast of that size and file some kind of report? At least take down the name of the trapper.
  3. While you better bet I'd blow that sucker away if it were to show it's forked little tongue in my yard, I really do think it's a shame that a professional trapper saw fit to kill this dragon. Why not take it to the Alligator Farm and place it on exhibit? A waste of a beautiful (and terrifying) specimen.

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