Saturday, January 31, 2009

iPhone blogging ( or how I learned to stop worrying and love the future)

I'm laying in bed, drinking Scotch, watching MAD MEN on Angelyn's laptop via, and blogging on my iPhone. It reminds me of that quote from "I Love the 80s" that Orwell wasn't wrong about 1984, it's just that Big Brother's name was Huey Lewis. The future is never quite what we expected, and sometimes, in small moments, it's better.

When my father brought home our first home computer (an Apple Macintosh Performa) when I was 13, I never imagined that 15 years later I'd have a computer with more power in the palm of my hand. I never imagined I'd grow up to drink Scotch (to be fair, I really didn't know what Scotch was). I did, however, think I'd be within 5+ years of flying cars and hover boards (damn you, BACK TO THE FUTURE II). A subplot of the MAD MEN episode I'm watching involves the arrival of an office's first Xerox machine in 1961. Ah, the future. Always shiny and unexpected.

I've thought a lot about my own future lately. I'm a planner by nature. The longer I plan, however, the more pointless it seems. I mean, why bother? Yesterday's hover board is today's computer in the palm of your hand, and you just never know when you'll start to like Scotch. In any case, I guess the point is, I'm finally learning an appreciation for the surprise.

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