Monday, October 20, 2008

50,000 of my closest friends . . .

Tonight I had the pleasure of shaking hands with Hillary Clinton and patting Barack Obama on the back (I was THIS close to an Obama handshake, but I was basically tackled from behind by another supporter).

Here is an Orlando Sentinel photo from the rally of 50,000 enthusiastic voters for change. Unfortunately, Hillary's leg is blocking me, but you can see my wife, Angelyn, right in front of her shin.

However, to prove I was there, here's a photo I took at almost the exact moment of the Sentinel photo (taken on my Blackjack).

I'm rather annoyed that I managed to capture the Sentinel photographer in my photo, but he didn't have the decency to include me in his.


  1. I know how you feel. In Michael Moore's "Slacker Uprising," you can see Jandro, Justin, and Jordyn in the front of the crowd at UCF. You can't see me because I'm standing behind Justin's massive head, but to prove I was there, you can see the Michael Moore issue of Entertainment Weekly I'm holding up. All of this only happens for a few frames during the Florida montage, and then again at the very end. Carl is also seen in the crowd, but only during the initial montage. You can't see Carl when it goes back to UCF at the end. But I suppose that's okay, considering he is prominently featured on the POSTER.


  2. Guess it's all in the angle!