Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A reason to vote for McCain?

I could hardly be more enthusiastic in my support of Barack Obama, and if he wins the Democratic nomination, I will dedicate huge amounts of personal energy to getting him elected. However, I've been thinking a lot about what happens if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination. Unlike many others, I do like Clinton and think she'd be a good president. However, I don't love her. I'm not passionate about another Clinton presidency. Truth be told, the idea of a dynastic presidency leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Is that reason enough not to vote for her? I like John McCain more than Clinton, but I agree with Clinton more than McCain. Shouldn't votes be based on issues, not personality?

Maybe not. Imagine these two scenerios:

A.) John McCain wins the presidency and becomes the leader of the Republican Party. The GOP moves permanently to the center, the religious right loses its grip on national politics, centrist bipartisan politics prevails, and in general America kind of feels better about itself. Obama runs again in four years, this time without the competition of the Clinton juggernaut.

B.) McCain loses. The far-right is energized and focused by their hatred of President Hillary Clinton and spend the next four years lobbing cheap shots and generally stirring up divisiveness. The new president becomes a lightening rod for partisan attacks, unfairly scrutinized, and becomes an extremely unpopular president. In four years, Newt Gingrich rides in on his white horse to rescue the GOP and lead them into a triumphant return. The Republican majority returns, controlling both houses of congress, united under the leadership of President Newt Gingrich.

Reason to vote for McCain over Clinton? Maybe. Reason to vote for Obama over Clinton? Most definitely. I hope Super Tuesday voters are thinking carefully.

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