Sunday, January 06, 2008

A New Year Begins. New Broken Promises To Follow.

Last year I vowed to blog regularly. I forgot to knock on wood. Maybe I'll improve this year, maybe I won't. I have lots of New Years resolutions, most of which I won't share here. There's really no need for me to hide them -- I can't imagine anyone reads this blog anymore -- but maybe resolutions are like birthday wishes. If you share them, they won't come true.

One thing I would like to talk about are the organizations I've chosen to support financially this year. I write not in order to attract praise for my charity -- I didn't give any of these organizations that much money -- but in order to raise awareness. I do believe in each of these organizations, and I think others should as well. Again, all of this would make more sense if I thought anyone read this blog anymore.

This year I continue to support the Florida Democratic Party, the SPCA of Central Florida, my local public broadcasting, the Save the Manatee Club, and local arts through the United Arts of Central Florida. In addition, I have chosen to support each of the following:

The Adrienne Shelly Foundation offers film school scholarships to young women filmmakers. It is named for Waitress actress/filmmaker who was tragically murdered.

The Electronic Frontiers Foundation is a civil liberties organization fighting for your digital rights. It is on the front lines of a new digital war between huge corporations and corrupt governments and the consumer. They're protecting your right to privacy as well as your right to control content you've legally purchased.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation is a major leader in the fight against AIDS worldwide.

The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund works hard to protect endangered species across the globe.

And finally, VH1 Save the Music protects music programs in public schools by donating instruments where they're needed most.

I believe strongly in each of these organizations, and I hope some of you out there will consider donating as well. Every dollar helps.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I've been staring at the headline "Aliens, Robots, and Lesbian Teens" on the top of this blog for the past two months. After a while, it stopped making sense.

    Of course, being that it's an election year and all that, I look forward to more frequent microfish posts.

    Anyway, I made a small donation last year, which I wrote about here.