Saturday, January 26, 2008

Andrew Endorses Obama, McCain in Florida Primary; Says Vote No On Amendment 1

I imagine it would strike many as odd that an individual who actively supports a Democratic candidate would also endorse a Republican. To be honest, I would love nothing more than for any of the other absurd Republicans to win their party's nomination. A Giuliani, Romney, or Huckabee ticket would be laughably ineffectual against any of the Democratic contenders, a virtual free pass for my party. Ironically, that's exactly what I don't want.

I hope McCain wins the Republican nomination because he is a strong, substantial, and deserving candidate who will bring a principled debate to our nation. While I think either Obama or Clinton could easily wipe the floor with the other Republican candidates, I fear any of those others would inject the campaign with the kind of rancor and divisiveness that has plagued our nation for decades. I dream of the day I see Obama (first choice) or Clinton on stage debating the issues mono y mono with John McCain. Why? Because they'd be debating the issues. Any of those other Republican schmucks would rely on caricature and fakery to score against the Dems, and members of both parties deserve better.

I honestly believe McCain has the best shot of any Republican at winning in November. If Democrats beat him, it means our ideas have won. I believe they can. If we beat Giuliani, Romney, or Huckabee, all it means is that Americans are tired of having a Cartoon-in-Chief in the Oval Office. Where's the victory in that? Republicans, if you believe in your party, vote McCain. He's your best candidate.

I am happy to hear of Obama's decisive win in South Carolina tonight. I hope (and doubt) Florida voters will reconsider his candidacy (polls have Clinton winning handily here). I'm disappointed in Obama for ignoring such an important state. Florida knows Clinton, but it doesn't know Obama. The momentum Clinton gains here could cost Obama the nomination, and if it doesn't, his failure to attend to Florida voters could cost him the state in November. I hope that's not the case.

Finally, I encourage my fellow Floridians to reject the foolish Amendment 1 proposal. Amendment 1 will cause irreparable damage to our local governments, public services, and schools, and for what? A few hundred bucks per year in our pockets? The cost far outweighs the reward. Vote no on Amendent 1!

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