Monday, August 27, 2007

Festivals Schmestivals

This summer while I was producing Hope For A Thorn, my short film "Melissa With A Heart Around It" was invited to screen at more gay and lesbian film festival than I can list. More than a dozen at least and all across the globe. How many of these festivals actually screened my movie? Zero. Why? Because I never replied to their emails.

Right now I have 696 unopened emails in my inbox. I lost my life this summer. I literally misplaced it. I picked it up absent-mindedly, probably while I was on the phone ordering a genny or a replacement walkie charger, and somehow I accidentally set it somewhere else. I can't remember where, and I've looked high and low.

The festival invites were the result of my screening at the San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival. It is apparently the Cannes of the gay and lesbian film community, so playing there sent a message to every programmer at every gay and lesbian film festival on the planet that my film should be in their program. That's a tremendously rewarding feeling, only slightly outweighed by the feeling of guilt and shame I have over not taking any of them up on their invites.

Who had time to print mailing labels, stuff envelopes, dupe tapes and DVDs. Not I. As a result, I've missed out on more than a dozen screening opportunities.

Right now I'm just trying to sort out the festivals I actually submitted to: Charlotte still needs a production photo, director photo, and a bio; FirstGlance needs all of those plus a Beta SP; or did Sidewalk Moving Pictures need the Beta -- no, Sidewalk needed five DVDs; I don't have five DVDs; I need to go to school to dupe five DVDs; San Francisco had problems with my DigiBeta -- was it my master or my backup? -- did anyone else need my DigiBeta or just the Beta? -- my Beta works, right? Wasn't there another fest? Central Florida needed something, but come on, it's in Kissimmee. Is anything in Kissimmee really worth my time and concentration? Wait, Reel Pride Michigan needed my DigiBeta! No no, they needed my Beta SP. Do they and FirstGlance overlap? Do I need another Beta?


On the other hand, I'm enjoying teaching Script Analysis.

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