Friday, February 02, 2007

No, Your Honor, I Did Not Change A Poopy Diaper

You've been on the edge of your seat for days, so I might as well tell you that I did not change a poopy diaper last Saturday. Zoey and I spent about two hours playing and running up and down the stairs before she fell asleep on my lap while watching The Backyardigans. Allow me to note here that I agree with the American Academy of Pediatrics that children under two-years-old should not watch television of any kind, a point of controversy in the wake of Bush's questionable praise for the creator of the Baby Einstein brand in his State of the Union address. The only reason I opted for The Backyardigans was that I knew Zoey was on the edge of falling asleep anyway. In any case, she slept for about two hours, after which I changed her diaper, but to my surprise, she hadn't had -- what they call in the pediatric industry -- a BM (you owe it to yourself to follow the link on that one).

I think it is fair to say that Zoey means more to me than I will ever mean to her. In a sense, she has changed my life forever. Before Zoey, I wasn't sure I wanted children. After Zoey, well, I can hardly wait to be a father. Hell, I'd adopt Zoey if her mother would let me. I love that kid to death, and I miss her all the time. However, I'm not her father, and she's surrounded daily by dozens of people who love her as much as I do and have more time to invest in her. Chances are she'll never quite understand the affect she's had on me.

A month ago I tried to post a video online. For some reason, YouTube wouldn't process that video. I've managed to load it on Photobucket, albeit with terrible compression. The assignment was to create a project that reflected my passion. This is that project:

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