Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Searching the past for inspiration, part 2: "Sexy Muppet" (poem)

I wrote "Sexy Muppet" in early 2001 while thinking about a girl I had a desperate crush on through several years of my childhood. I remember seeing her one day sitting atop a picnic table and thinking her legs were so short and shapeless, she looked just like a Muppet.
"Sexy Muppet"

Jug-legged and Henson-browed;
I loved you when you sucked black diamonds.
Young, enormous, all lips and nipples
Pink and faking Caseys,
Batting rotten wood and dogweed
In those mom-and-pudding summers.

I loved you when you threw thin daggers,
So skinny hipped and puppety like felt;
Knowing how and knowing nothing
Of the means and ways of moving in the soil;
Tin foil scampi for your toothy crooked smile.
How I loved those slouching shoulders in the dust.

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