Thursday, October 19, 2006

Justice or "Trust us"?

We've just heard the death knell of the Republic. A cowardly congress has just given the President of the United States the power to throw you in prison indefinitely to be tortured for the rest of your days without being charged with a formal crime, without being offered any justification in the form of evidence, without a defense or jury.

If you're a big fan of George W. Bush (I'm not), maybe you're okay with this. But think of it this way: there's no sunset on this law. What happens when Hillary Clinton is president? Do you trust her? How many future presidents do you trust to use this law honorably? Well, it really doesn't matter because our country, our freedoms, our values and principles are not based on trusting the government. In fact, our founding fathers trusted the government so little that they divided it between three branches and two parties, believing that within such a system, no president could gain dictatorial powers.

I guess our founding fathers never realized how self-serving and gutless the American public would become. They never imagined that the fear of terrorism would send us running into the arms of tyranny. They never predicted we'd rather have a good economy and American Idol than a good government and the American Way. Libertarians, where are you? Republicans, where went your call for smaller government? Christians, where went your conviction that our leaders should be righteous? These politicians swore to uphold the Constitution, but they signed into law a bill that directly assaults everything for which the Constitution stands. Don't believe me? Read the Constitution, read the law, and then tell me you aren't scared out of your wits.

If you love your country, if you love yourself, if you love your future children or my future children or anyone's future children you will go here and follow the instructions to send an email to your congressman and senators to immediately repeal this crime against the Constitution. It may very well be the most important email you ever send.

When a future generation asks you what you did when history's greatest Republic descended into despotism, what will you tell them? "I was busy filling out a Myspace personality survey"? Stop what you're doing and get informed, get enraged, and take action, before it's too late.

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  1. i've been reading "A People's History..". Today I read an excellent few chapters on the organized labor movement and the Spanish-American war.
    Government depresses me. Then and now.