Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Love is Deaf" Wins, Wins, Wins

Sorry I never blog anymore. This has been a rough few months for me, but it all ends this week with the close of my eight year undergraduate career. After that, expect lots of exciting new blogginess from me.

On to the point: "Love is Deaf" recently won three awards. The first was a Second Place win in the Short Short category at the REBEL PLANET SHORT FILM FESTIVAL OF HOLLYWOOD. It was accompanied by these kind words from festival founder Gloria Gifford, "Honestly, I've played your film for many people - It's wonderful and you are a helluva filmmaker. I love the way you work with actors."

Next, I won two awards at the PALM BEACH INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL's student showcase -- Second Place University Short and Student Grand Jury Prize. If you're like me, you may be thinking, "If he won the Grand Jury Prize, why didn't he win first place in the University category?" I'm not sure how to answer that except to say that the criteria for the Grand Prize was different from the main competition. For the Grand Prize, the judges chose the film they thought would make the best feature film. This brings us to the biggest news of all.

The festival is going to send Ryan Pomeranz (my co-producer) and I on an all-expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to pitch a "Love is Deaf" feature project to Mandalay Pictures. No, I don't have a "Love is Deaf" feature project, but there's time to work on that.


  1. Congrats! It's good to see you do so well :)

    p.s. "zreprsol" is the word of the day!

  2. I hope you we can visit when you come to LA! Congrats on all your exciting news and awards. :)