Friday, March 10, 2006

A lesson from the nice guy. . . .

So last summer, I was an intern on a feature where a certain "high ranking" crew member was frequently an ass to me. Well, today I am a production coordinator for an on-air promo spot for Spike TV's Total Non-stop Action Wrestling (don't laugh), and this guy was up for a job on the crew. The producer asked me about everyone on the crew. I had the opportunity to tell her not to hire him, and she probably wouldn't have if I had indeed suggested against it. Of course, I decided not to do that because I'm just not that vindictive. But still, this should serve as a lesson for anyone who thinks they're hot shit and likes to talk down to people who are younger or less experienced than you. One day (perhaps sooner than you think) they will move up that ladder and be in the position to deny you work.

1 comment:

  1. Well, you could have told her that your past experience with this person was not the best. It also depends on whether he was good at what he did but an ass nonethless. If it was just a personality problem it might be a favor to all to at least address the issue. Work environment counts for a is why they call it "recommendations". Think about that in the future.