Sunday, February 19, 2006

Format War will end with the disk's demise

For the casual DVD fan, the coming format war between HD DVD and Blu-Ray may come as something of a surprise. DVDs have a format? Yes, alas, they do. The more interesting aspect of this war, however, is where it will leave the medium itself. One prediction can be found here.

Microsoft may have the right idea. When consumers are faced with competing mediums, they hold back, and while they're waiting, they download. On the other hand, I think Microsoft is kidding itself if it thinks it can beat Apple at this game. iTunes is the gold standard, and the future of media consumption is the iPod and the Mac Mini.

1 comment:

  1. And here I was hoping the superior technology would win out again.

    It makes perfect sense for the ruthless Mr. Gates. Removing the ability to record to hard media is the best way to control the pool of content.

    It is my ongoing wish that Mr. Gates' plans generally fail, so I'd like Blu-Ray to actually catch on instead of going the way of Betamax.