Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bad Apple

My SARS has taken a turn for the worse, so the plan was to stay in bed and work from home today. Low and behold, my iBook just died. It has been dying for a little while, and before anyone jumps in with their "see, Macs die too!" speeches, I should say that I take full responsibility for this one. This computer has had it rough. It has been dropped countless times, had coffee spilt on it, has enough dog hair inside the keyboard to make a new dog. For a couple years now, the battery has been bad, and I never took care of that while we still had the AppleCare. About a week after the AppleCare expired, it started to overheat. The past few weeks, the display has been blinking on and off. And now, for some reason, I can't plug it in. It it like the connectors melted or something. Anyway, now I have to get out of bed and cough my way down to the Apple store to see if this can be salvaged. If not, I have to buy a new computer as well as pay to somehow get the information off this one.

Happy Valentines Day.

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