Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Searching for Plastic Pennsylvania (or Why Beer @ Two in the Afternoon is a Bad Idea)

The title above has no meaning, except as an observation that A.) almost no vendors in PA take credit cards and B.) I should really be working on my business plan, but the beer prevents me (every time I try, the bottle grimaces, frightening me senseless -- I can't work under these conditions).

Instead, I listen to Ryan Adams & the Cardinals and write a blog. My first semisubstantial blog in some weeks, you'll notice. So what have I to report? A lot. Not much. I dunno. Just got back from Scranton and filming "History of Pennsylvania," which looks to be a pretty good movie. Ryan did an excellent job despite "distractions" (Today's THE MORE YOU KNOW moment: When deciding to tell someone something that will ruin his or her emotional life, it is best not to share said information until after principle photography is completed). And thank God, it snowed, so everyone will know we really shot in Pennsylvania.

I've been cutting "Melissa," and so far so good, though I'm just a little concerned that I may have to do some reshoots. The problem is one of exposure, not performance, so if I can fix the problem in post, I'll be all right.

I realize I don't really say much about movies in these little posts. That's because I hate talking about movies. There's very little that bores me as much as talking about movies. The only thing I can think of off hand is writing business plans.

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