Friday, July 22, 2005

Cast Away

Well, casting for "Melissa" is still going strong, and I've made a decision on at least one part. I'm close on a couple others but holding out for some new faces who applied late in the game. I think the acting in this film is going to be terrific.


Previously in this spot, I mentioned that the YMCA had ignored us. We finally got a hold of them, and they have given us verbal permission to shoot at the Cady Way Pool. However, we attempted to contact them again to arrange to send insurance and a location agreement their way, and they have not responded in several days. Hopefully, this is a temporary set back and not more of the same. I'll punch myself in the face if they change their mind again. There's a lot up in the air until we solidify this location.

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  1. Locations are the #1 most important thing film students need to make a good movie. Second most important is actors. Third, surprisingly, is good microphones. But LOCATIONS ARE NUMBER ONE. I share your frustration with the YMCA and hope that I have an easier time acquiring my locations (which are many).