Saturday, February 05, 2005

Production Journal: "LOVE IS DEAF" -- Entry 2

And tonight Ryan does my budget and schedule as well. It would be easy for Ryan and I just to work on our own films, since we're producing each other, but we both really want the experience of producing someone else's.

So I've cast my film ... maybe. My actress is all engines burning, but my actor is still unsure he wants to commit to it. He's supposed to let me know for sure this weekend. Interestingly enough, in his audition I realized what I was looking for in his performance: I was looking for Ryan! I have half a mind to make them hang out together, performance research.

I'm going to do another rewrite soon. I've been waiting a few days so I can read it with fresh eyes. I've received some interesting responses so far, some of them positive some of them negative. My own opinion falls somewhere in between. At least we've solved the lighting problem, so something will show up on film, whatever the quality.

Oh, and "mumbling" may not be a sign, which means I need to find a synonym.

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