Saturday, January 08, 2005

Random Thought To Begin The Year On (and a preposition on which to end)

Now again, for the third time, I have run out and purchased a new DVD of one of my favorite films, only to have the distributor screw me over with an ULTIMATE KICK-ASS EDITION released a few months later.

The first time this happened to me was with MEMENTO. Its initial DVD release was nothing to spit at, but the second suped-up edition still outdid its predecessor. Then came TRAFFIC, which had almost nothing on the DVD I bought. And most recently, I have been ripped off by ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND.

I just love the moral superiority of Hollywood. They run these adds, "Please don't pirate my movie, it makes me sad," then they royally dick over the poor college students who run out to buy these titles on DVD as soon as they're released. It is immoral, and the studios should be taken to task on this. Where is the media outrage?

Speaking of media outrage, I'm not a sports fan, so I missed the initial experience of Ashlee Simpson at the Orange Bowl, but oh, God, I caught it on iFilm. Good but awfully horrendous stuff.

Final thought, I received an email today alleging that the Republicans are trying to kill funding for PBS, NPR, and the NEA. If it is true, it would not at all surprise me. But it does raise an important issue. Those of us who enjoy these public jewels have a responsibility not only to send in checks but also to write letters to our representatives requesting their support on our behalf as well. I say this to myself more than anyone else. I've been meaning to send a check to WMFE for months and have never gotten around to it.

The bottom of my Scotch glass has dog hair stuck to it. It takes all the fun out of "bottoms up."

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  1. I suggest you start thinking more entrepreneurially. Buy the new Collector's Edition of Eternal Sunshine and sell the old copy to someone who is not so smart.

    Also, a good rule of thumb for DVDs is probably not to spend $20 or more on anything UNLESS it's the ultimate kick-ass edition. This is the reason why I don't currently own Eternal Sunshine, but will probably buy it now. Another good rule is to wait a while before buying anything. I would offer a third rule of thumb, but it would be too many thumbs.

    As for Ashlee Simpson, I am disgusted that people take such great pleasure in pointing out her shortcomings. I bet if you were a famous singer's sibling and decided to copy their success by using the fortune they earned to buy your talent, you wouldn't think it was so funny.